trading places

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Trading places (1983)

This movie has its truly hilarious moments with Eddie Murphy as a beggar
at the beginning pretending to be crippled for example.

There's a lot of unfairness shown however in the treatment of successful
stockbroker Dan Ackroyd's character and its sad and difficult at times to see
what happens to him through much of the movie.

This movie speaks to the issue of the "nature versus nurture" debate. The
"Duke brothers" seem to believe that what a man is in regards to his birth
endowment of intelligence, sense of connection, possible tempermental
inheritance and other congenital (perhaps) qualities are not what is important
in determining his lot in life ultimately. Instead it is the schools he goes to
and the amount of money his family has etc, which will determine how well turns
out, comparing him perhaps to even any other one that is born on the earth too.

So they embark on an experiment to prove their point - one against the other
making a bet between themselves of fully one dollar as to who will be proven right
in their minds at the end of it all.

Michael Rizzo Chessman