The Clintons - An Odyssey
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Dear Ms. Hillary Clinton - USA!

This documentary deals with the two nicest people in the United States - Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton his lovely wife who is once again featured at  website beginning a decade ago. It begins by showing a young 18 year old Bill Clinton meeting President John F. Kennedy at the White House enjoy and please seed, I would have considered these two to be the two nicest people on the planet if I hadnt met a beautiful Italian (I believe) couple from Albania many years ago now who run an Italian cafe in Saint Lawrence Market in Toronto - My dear "brother" as I call him (Clement) along with his loveliest dear ("blonde" Irish) wife Anila. I dont believe there are any nicer people than them
 on the planet and I wish we could make billions more of such greatest human
 beings potentially in place of whatever else could come instead in our future
 together on this earth or what remains of it in any event. Ultimately they remain
 the only real family I have on this planet for as long as we remain alive. Anyway I
 do love the Clintons too and am happy to post this documentary although it
 deals mainly with highlights of President Bill Clintons career and not enough on

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