Inspector Morse - Mr. John Thaw

"Inspector Morse" - Mr. John Thaw
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This version is a  1.5GB (each episode)  SD resolution XviD video  file version that
will play on any old
(Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players -the conversion was made from a 720p HDTV broadcast recording originally as this
entire series (including Kavanagh QC - another great series with own own greatest
Mr. John Thaw has yet to be made available for purchase in 1080p full HD format
whether through download options at such sites as itunes and amazon - or bluray
format discs through amazon once more etc)  For now, we have an MP4 format
version of these episodes here in full 720p posted on the net for you  if you prefer at
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Note:  The first two episodes are exceptions in tha they are
not in wide screen format as presented here - the remaining episdes
made available below are in fact thankfully in full widescreen format
for you to better experience and enjoy of this great talent of our own

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This is the complete Season eight (most significant Season of the series I believe, given
the announcement at the end by Sargent Lewis that "Chief Inspector Morse is dead"

The Series star Mr. John Thaw is perhaps the most likeable character on British Television playing such roles (we have the complete Lawyer Series "Kavanagh QC" posted for you here in which he stars as well. I mainly think of him as being from Australia perhaps in the resemblance of his spirited character in particular as more similar to many folks from those parts instead I believe.

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