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  12 Angry men (Henry Fonda) based on the play  download now button

  12 Angry men (Russian version) based "loosely" on the American original
download now button

7 Days in Entebbe (Movie about a most daring Israeli raid  to free hostages)

  A Clockwork orange (1971) - (Stanley Kubrick) download now button

A Cry in the day (1988) Australia (Meryl Streep, Sam Neill)

A Dry white season (1989) - (Donald Sutherland) download now button

A Dolls House (1973) Henrik Ibsen - (Norwegian rendition)  download now button

  A Dolls House (1973) Henrik Ibsen - (Anthony Hopkins rendition)

A Dolls House (1973) Henrik Ibsen - (Jane Fonda rendition) download now button

A Dolls House (1973) Fassbinder (Director) - "Nora Helmer"  (German rendition) download now button

  A Man for all Seasons (1966) Paul Scofield

  A passage to India (1984) (Mr. David Lean, Director)

  A Separation (Iran - 2011) (Stars Leila Hatami) ( Mr. Asghar Farhadi Director)  download now button

  A woman in Berlin (2008) Ms. Nina Hoss  download now button

  Absence of Malice (Mr Paul Newman, Ms Sally Field)

Alone in Berlin (Emma Thompson)

  Along for the ride (2000) with Ms. Melanie Griffith

  Argo (2012) (Iran Hostage drama - movie depiction with prefacing remarks)

Babettes feast (Denmark - 1987)  download now button

Barbara (2012) (Germany) Starring Nina Hoss (a Chistian Petzold Film)

Basmati Blues (2017) with Donald Sutherland and Brie Larson

Breaker Morant (1980) Directed by Bruce Beresford

  Beau-père (1981) Bertrand Blier

  Being there (1979) Peter Sellers

  Beirut (2018) (from the creators of the popular "Jason Bourne" Series)

  Biutiful (2010) (Spain) (Javier Bardem)

  Body Heat (1981) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner

  Braveheart (1995) Mel Gibson

Caligula (1979) Malcom McDowell

  Carlito's Way (1993) Mr. Al Pacino Ms. Penelope Ann Miller

Carrington (1995) Ms. Emma Thompson download now button

Changing Times  (2004) (Les temps qui changent)

Crimson Tide (1984) Gene Hackman Denzel Washington  download now button


  Cruising (1980) Mr. Al Pacino, Mr. Paul Sorvino

Das Boot (1981) Directed by Wolfgang Petersen

  Death of a Salesman (1985) Dustin Hoffman

  Deathtrap (1982) Michael Caine Ms. Dyan Cannon

  Detroit (2017)
 download now button

Dons Party Directed by Mr. Bruce Beresford

  Donnie Brasco (1997) Mr. Al Pacino Stars

  Dormant Beauty (2012) (Italy) Isabelle Huppert
 download now button

  Downfall (Der Untergang) Germany, 2004

  Downton Abbey (2019) (movie version) 

  East West 101 (Australian Crime Series - Multiculturalism centered script)

  El Norte (1983) (A look at illegal immigration from the South)

  Evelyn (2002) Pierce Brosnan

  Evil (Ondskan) (2003) (Sweden) Best movie Oscars nominated download now button

Fading Gigolo (2013) John Turturro

Far from Heaven (2002) Ms. Julianne Moore

For my Father (Israel 2008) Ms. Hili Yalon - a kanopy.com "staff pick"

Fiddler on the roof (1971) Norman Jewison

  Frankie and Johnny (1991) Al Pacino Michelle Pfeiffer

  Gallipoli (1981) Directed by Mr. Peter Weir

Gandhi (1982) Directed by Sir Richard Attenborough

  Geboren (Born) in Absurdistan (Austria 1999)

Germany Pale Mother (1982)

  Girl on a Bicycle (German-Italian romantic couple story) (2013)  download now button

GlenGarry Glen Ross (1992) Al Pacino - Pullizter Prize winner!

  Good evening Ms. Wallenberg (1990) Sweden  download now button

  Goodfellas (1990) Stars Mr. Robert De Niro with Martin Scorsese as Director download now button

  Gosford Park (2001)

  Grease (1978) Ms. Olivia Newton John  Mr. John Travolta download now button

Heat (1995) Al Pacino Robert De Niro

  Habemus Papam "We have a Pope" (2011) Ms. Margherita Buy

Herzsprung (Germany 1992) - a kanopy.com "staff pick"

Imagining Argentina (2003) Emma Thompson, Antonio Banderas

Indignation (2016) USA

Inherit the wind (1960) Spencer Tracy Ms. Donna Anderson  download now button

  Jerichow (2008) Germany!

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) download now button

Kavanagh QC (1995-2001) Television Series with Sir John Thaw

  Kadosh (Israel 1992) Directed by Amos Gitai  download now button

  King of Devil's Island (2010) (Norway) Stellan Skarsgård

  La Cage aux folles (1978)  English subtitles

La Stazione (The Station) Sergio Rubini Director download now button

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) Based on novel by D.H. Lawrence

  Last Chance Harvey (2008) Emma Thompson Dustin Hoffman

  Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Mr. Peter O'Toole

Le Survenant (Written by Erik Canuel) 

  Le Passe (The Past) (2013 - French with subtitles) - another kanopy.com "staff pick" 

  Life is beautiful (La vita e bella) (1997) Roberto Benigni
 download now button

Little Children (2006) Starring Ms. Kate Winslet (10mostbeautifulwomen.com)

Lolita (Ms. Melanie Griffith Ms. Domenique Swain) Jeremy Irons

  Mansfield Park (1999) Jane Austen (features Ms. Lindsay Duncan)

Mary Poppins (1964) Ms. Julie Andrews Dick Van Dyke

Mikey and Nicky (1976) Peter Falk with John Cassavettes

  Mindenki (aka "Sing") Oscar winner from Hungary (2016 Short film - kanopy.com)

  Mississippi Burning (1988) Mr. Gene Hackman

Mother of Mine (Sweden/Finland) (2005) (a greatest staff pick at kanopy.com)
download now button

  Murder on the Orient Express (2010 - Made for TV version)

My dinner with Andre (1981)
download now button

  My father, my Lord (Israel 2007)
download now button

  Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell) (1984) Mr. Richard Burton

  Nowhere in Africa (Germany) (2001) Academy award Winner - Best Picture

  Of Gods and Men (2010) France
 download now button

  One fine day (1996) Michelle Pfeiffer George Clooney

  Oxen (The Ox - Sweden, 1991 Sven Nykvist)

  Pacific Heights (1990) Ms. Melanie Griffith 10mostbeautifulwomen.com

  Polish Wedding (1998) Claine Danes, Gabriel Byrne

  Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen -1995) Ms. Jennifer Ehle - Colin Firth

  Reds (Directed by Warren Beatty, also with Diane Keaton)

  Righteous Kill (Mr. Al Pacino Mr. Robert De Niro Ms. Trilby Glover)
  Rob Roy (1995) Ms. Jessica Lange
  Rope (1948) Alfred Hitchcock (Jimmy Stewart)

Route Irish (2010) (loveliest Ms. Andrea Low, Mr. Mark Womack)

Sami Blood (2016) Sweden subtitles

Saturday Night Fever (1977) John Travolta Ms. Karen Lynn Gorney

  Scenes from a marriage (1973 TV Series/ 1974 movie) Stars Ms. Liv Ullmann  

  Scarface (1983) Mr. Al Pacino Ms. Michelle Pfeiffer

Serpico (1973) Mr. Al Pacino

  Sense and sensibility (1995) Ms. Emma Thompson, Mr. Hugh Grant

  Sleuth (1973) Michael Caine Sir Lawrence Olivier

Song for a Raggy Boy (Ireland Film Board) 
download now button

  SS-GB (BBC Televsion Series based on German occupied Britain) (2018)

Stander (2003) South African apartheid era setting

  Spielzeugland (Toyland) (Oscar winner from Germany) (2007 - kanopy.com pick)

  Tall Guy (1989) Emma Thompson, Jeff Goldblum

The accidental tourist (1988) Mr. William Hurt, Ms. Kathleen Turner

  The Apple (Iran) Samira Makhmalbaf Director

  The Band's visit (2007) A joint Israeli-Egyptian movie production

The Black book (2006) Holland (The Netherlands)

  The Black Windmill (1974) Michael Caine with Ms Delphine Seyrig

  The Day of the Jackal (1973) written by  Fredrick Forsyth

  The Dinner (I nostri ragazzi - Italy 2016) - another kanopy.com "staff pick" discovery

  The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) Ms. Michelle Pfeiffers (1989) Ms. Michelle Pfeiffer

  The Four feathers (2002)

  The Godfather Trilogy  Mr. Al Pacino Ms. Diane Keaton
download now button

  The Good Wife (Australia, 1987) Rachel Ward, Bryan Brown Sam Neill

The House of games (1987) Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna

The Insult (Arabic with subtitles) (2017) (Oscar Nominee for best foreign Picture) download now button

The Irishman (2019) Robert De Niro - Al Pacino

  The Last days of Disco (1998) Chloe Sevigny Kate Beckinsale

  The Last King of Scotland (2006) Ms. Gillian Anderson

  The Long good friday (1979) Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren  download now button

  The Planet of the apes (1968) 

The Pianist (2002) Roman Polanski Director  download now button

The Pope of Greenwich village (1984) Mickey Rourke, Daryl Hannah

The Red Violin (1998) (Greta Scacchi)  

The Remains of the Day - Emma Thompson Anthony Hopkins 
download now button

  The Return of Martin Guerre (1982) Gerard Depardieu, Nathalie Baye

  The Russia House (1990) Michelle Pfeiffer Sean Connery

  The Salesman (Forushande) Iran, (2016) Best foreign movie - Oscar winner

  The Sound of Music (1965) Julie Andrews download now button

  The Sting (1973) Robert Redford, Paul Newman 

  The Untouchables (1987) Sean Connery Kevin Costner 

  The Verdict (1982) Mr. Paul Newman

  The White Massai (2005) Germany

  The White Ribbon (2009) Germany

  Tin Men (1987) Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito

Trading places (1983) Dan Ackroyd Eddie Murphy download now button

  Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

  Victor Victoria (Ms. Julie Andrews, Robert Preston) download now button

  Waiting for God (British Television Series - BBC)

Wall Street (1987) Michael Douglas Daryl Hannah
  Water (India - 2005) telefim-canada

  When a man loves a woman (Ms. Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia)

White Material (2009) Ms. Isabelle Huppert

White Mischief (1988) Ms. Greta Scacchi, Charles Dance
download now button

  Witness (1985) Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis

Witness for the prosecution (1957) Marlene Dietrich

   American Television Series

All in the family (Archie Bunker Blockbuster TV Series) Starring Mr. Carroll O'Connor
   Cheers (with dear Ms. Shelly Long and featuring Ted Dance equally)
   MASH (with dear Mr. Alan Alda - of greatest Italian sanity too ultimately!)
   The Big Bang Theory (with dear Ms. Kaley Cuoco)
The Waltons (1971-) USA TV Series Mr. Ralph Waite, Ms. "Michelle" Learned
   Three's Company (with John Ritter, Suzanne Somers Joyce DeWitt  and dearest Ms. Priscilla Barnes
   Who's the Boss (Mr. Tony Danza with dear Ms. Judith Light - wow!)

   Continental Euro Television Series

Borgen  (2015 Denmark Television Series)
Wallander (Television Series 2005-2006) (Sweden)


   British Television Series (BBC/PBS Masterpiece theater/ITV/Granada/London Weekend Television - LWT)

   Agatha Christie's (Hercule) Poirot BBC TV Series (Starring David Suchet)
   Fawlty Towers (John Cleese dear Ms. Connie Booth and all)
   Inspector Morse
   Maigret (with dear Mr. Michael Gambon)
   Kavanagh QC
   Keeping up appearances
Rumpole (Leo McKearn)
   The jewel in the crown (PBS) (Mr. Charles Dance)
   The Worricker Trilogy (Michael Gambon appears)
   To the ends of the earth BBC Series - Australia (Sam Neill)
Upstairs Downstairs (1971-1975 London Weekend Television  Production)
   Waiting for God

   Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister

  Documentaries (Many if not all are available on youtube and kanopy.com
  along with "The Public Broadcast System" Network in the USA - PBS mainly
  Download purchases from content producers are available from amazon.com -
  must be US resident or Apple itunes, and the PBS or all amazon sites for DVDs/HD/Bluray)
  It has to be said that while Apple has recently announced great promotion pricing on
  some available video content through their itunes software download facility at reasonable
  enough cost we figure certainly, they are at the moment seeming insistent on this crazed notion
  that content you've even paid them for to download can only be viewed using their less than
  perfect video player software facility on a computer rather than using your own player
  software such as MPC-HC (free - just download on the net) or view on your own TV screen
  for crissakes using a DRM converter (which removes this artificial and consumer oppressing
  tactic by Apple mainly, in this respect) These DRM converters seem to come and go, however
  you will I believe in the meantime find at least one such converter for free from many download sites
  on the net - they include noteburner, iskysoft (best value if purchasing as they offer great
  multipurpose video conversion utilities and more) , tuneskit (nice features such as audio track
  selector etc) and others - DVDFab has one thats apparently still imperfect however they do
  nice work and hopefully will soon enough have theirs working with the right output file size
 automatic selection etc - they are based in China and have the only competent bluray disc
 backup copy software we have found thus far in our own markets here at this point. ta!

 The industry has for too long been incompetent and draconian in making decisions for the
 marketplace in general as to ehich video content to allow to make available for sale or rental
 and in what quality and at what websites/online facilities, when they have no business doing so.
 Great programs such as White Mischief (Greta Scacchi) have never been made available onto
 the market in North America due to a bigoted mindset hell bent against the human spirit that
 is showing as an alternative for us to applaud and support and foster and nurture and see thrive
 and make come about as an altenative model for our communities here.

 Programs such as (BBC) Upstairs downstairs (1971-1975) are still less than HD quality while
 great offerings such as Kavanagh QC and Inspector Morse (John Thaw in both cases -
 would you believe) are not available for HD purchase from Apple or amazon
 at present as the studio bigshots  making such decisions  are simply an inane mindset seemingly
 on a continual power  trip of a bigoted nature "equally" with no apparent sanity or
 certainly common sense (or perhaps just plain decency even!) enough to stop their incompetence in
 this respect  and simply put out the "stuff" so those interested can pay for crissakes - what's
 "possessing" you guys eh! who the hell died and made you god in this regard?
 It is arguably altogether public property in our domain  in respect of legal arguments which
 could be made - as cultural material of community  investment and interest and in the furtherance
of a humanistic agenda in our own  case - even having BBC programs such as Fawlty towers,
Yes Minister and all else  that;s in the vaults right now - blow the safe open I say - and put the stuff
where  it belongs - where it can be seen and edifiy too potentially for crissakes eh!

   Free downloads for the purpose of criticism, discussion and generally in the      
   benefit of public education safety and enhancement of cultural offerings
   in our midst available at various download sites on the net (moviesbyrizzo)

   "EuroTrump" Documentary (also on itunes) on the Crusade of Mr. Geert Wilders - Leading Dutch MP

"Brand Irish" (201) Documentary on Ireland (also on itunes for cheap rent/purchase)

   PBS (Frontline Documentary)  Netanyahu at War (2016)

   PBS (Frontline Documentary)  Our Man In Tehran - Dutch written/Directed (2018)

   PBS (Frontline Documentary) Syria - Behind the lines

   PBS aired 2007 Documentary on Pakistan's Politics "Dinner with the President"

   Among the Believers (2015 Documentary out of Pakistan)

   Buying Sex" (2013) Documentary on the sex trade and possible Criminal sanctions to men involved

  American Coup (2010 Documentary about the toppling by Western Powers of Irans then secular democracy)

  Inch' Allah (inshallah - "God willing") (2012) TeleFilm, Canada
   Conversation regarding Iraq war (posted at kanopy.com for on-line viewing)

   The Occupation of the American Mind (Documentary on Israeli Lobbying efforts)

Professionally produced Documentary on the Psychiatric Industry

   Mein Kampf - The Ascent of evil - Documentary on Hitler (kanopy.com)

   Pornland - A documentary on the Porn Industry by British activist Gail Dines

   South Africa - Beyond Apartheid - Staff picked Documentary at kanopy.com

   I am not your Negro (Samuel Jackson narrated) 2016 Documentary - kanopy.com

   Too Black to be French (2015) Documentary - kanopy.com staff pick

   Mugabe and the White South Africans (PBS) kanopy.com offering

   The Clintons - An American Odyssey - Documentary released onto DVD

   The invasion of Europe by mass migration - by "Politically incorrect Europe"

   "Defamation" A self made Documentary by an Israeli film-maker (2009)

   Taxi (2015) (Tehran) Jafar Panahi - Documentary styled Movie offering 

   "Blacks and Jews" a 1997 PBS Documentary made available on kanopy.com

   Between Fences - An Israeli made Documentary about the Black migrants situation

   Incident at Restigouche (Instance of Police Brutality in Quebec territory)

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