Hotel Rwanda
Starring Mr. Nick Nolte
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This is a movie made in Africa about genocidal activity between rival black
factions in the country called Rwanda. Tribal rivalries have long been a part
of the landscape in Africa, and sometimes whites have been targeted by this
phenomenon such as recently in South Africa.

Indeed, Mugabe in Zimbabwe states flat out in the documentary we have posted
at this site for you that he would be "Hitler" to white people - if he could
perhaps. Shocking statement to allow anywhere to be uttered on our planet
against whites in this manner I say!

What seems like civilized behaviour on the part of some on that continent
- such as the black Hotel Manager of a posh hotel mainly catering to whites
masks an uncertainty of a possibility of complete breakdown into chaos as
loyalties to tribe overwhelm any ideas of merited versus bigoted targeting of
others in a manner which is possibly anything but civilized, depending on the
allegiances which prevail in the minds of those there ultimately.

Michael Rizzo Chessman