Eye of the needle (1981)
Eye of the needle (1981) Sir Richard Attenborough, Director

Solet esse in dubiis pro consilio temeritas
even Rashness is apt to be thought good enough Judgment in
doubtful circumstances
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This great movie I remember seeing so many years ago now should be a lot more
popularly viewed I now believe.

Stars British Canadian top Actors Donald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan

A wartime suspense spy thriller, I enjoyed most of it, although there's some tragic
scenes and a terrible accident in the plot.

Ultimately we see Donald Sutherland in his British sense of belonging to a former
home;land no doubt in Germany show off his accent as if nothing had changed
ultimately for him in his truest sanity and loyalties to boot.

We do get a glimpse of Kate Nelligan in a shower scene. Quite bold for her
mindset's beliefs equally perhaps! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman